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Jordan Gale is a freelance photographer, and documentarian currently based out of eastern Iowa. Gale holds a Bachelor's Degree in photography from The University of Iowa. His work examines socio-economic issues, human relationships, and the changing spaces in which these concepts inhabit. His photographs have been exhibited internationally, and recognized by various organizations such as The Alexia Foundation, and The Lucie Foundation. 




- (2018) Finalist, Eugene Smith Fund Student Award

- (2018) Award of Excellence, Student Grant. Alexia Foundation.

- (2018) DEBUT Shortlisted Winner, Doc Photo Magazine.                                

- (2018) Participant. New York Portfolio Review.                                                   

- (2017) Finalist, Emerging Photographer Fund. Burn Magazine.                          

- (2017) 1st Place, Deeper Perspective Photographer. IPA Awards                       

- (2017) Finalist, Deeper Perspective Photographer of The Year, Lucie Awards.

- (2017) Shortlist, Student Prize.                                                 

- (2017) 1st Place, Photo Story of The Year. Iowa Newspaper Association.         

- (2016) Shortlist, Best Photo Slideshows. The Associated Collegiate Press.



- DEBUT Group Exhibition. Fotofestiwal 2018. Lodz, Poland. (2018)

- Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2018. Tbilisi, Republic of George. (2018)

- About Me, Group Exhibition. Loosen Arts Gallery. Rome, Italy (2018)

- An Exchange of Grey Matter, Solo Exhibition. University of Iowa. (2018) 

- Milleu, Group Exhibition. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. (2018)

- 16x16x16, Traveling Group Exhibition. IA, KS, NE, MT. (2017)

- Graceful Bunch, Group Exhibition. University of Iowa. (2016)



- Doc! Photo Magazine. June, 2018

- Zuitjung Magazine. March, 2018                                                                          

- Huck Magazine. March, 2018                                                                              

- Burn Magazine. January, 2018                                                                           

- Photographer's Forum Magazine. December, 2017                                            

- July, 2017                                                                                  

- League for Innovation in Community Colleges. July 2016                                  

- The Daily Iowan. April, 2016